The Citrea Recap – June

The Citrea Recap – June

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Citrea is the first Bitcoin rollup to test its tech stack and its proving system setting the developmental stage for Bitcoin scaling. Citrea is fully EVM compatible, enabling all the EVM developers to easily build on Bitcoin.

In this edition, we’ll cover:

  • Citrea’s Website Has a New Look
  • Citrea Public Devnet is Live
  • First DEX on the Public Citrea Devnet
  • Alpha for Next Month

Citrea’s Website Has a New Look

Our website has a fresh new look. We added a citrus-sential touch with a vibrant lime green. Also, we made Citrea's core features more visible than ever. Check out our new website look to learn more about Clementine, Citrea's trust-minimized bridge design, and our modular approach to scaling Bitcoin.

Citrea's New Look

The main squeeze: Citrea's website is getting more colorful!

Citrea Public Devnet is Live

After more than a year of building in public, we launched the Citrea Public Devnet. The launch of the Citrea Public Devnet marks the first time that Bitcoin is being tested as a data availability layer, establishing Bitcoin as the foundation for a dynamic financial ecosystem.

Citrea Public Devnet is developers’ opportunity to deploy complex applications that inherit full Bitcoin security. As Citrea is fully EVM compatible, developers who are familiar with EVM tooling can easily deploy smart contracts on Citrea.

Citrea Devnet is not only for developers though. Transacting on our Public Devnet is a much-needed way to participate in Citrea’s development. Users can bridge to Citrea and send transactions on the Public Devnet.

This launch underscores our commitment to scaling Bitcoin's security and values, aiming to establish it as the standard for decentralized finance.

Citrea Public Devnet is Live

The main squeeze: Bitcoin's First ZK Rollup is testing its tech stack.

First DEX on the Citrea Public Devnet

The first DEX on the Citrea Public Devnet is live. Let’s meet Citrus Swap! Now, you can swap tokens and provide liquidity with the security of Bitcoin. Citrus Swap is a fork of Uniswap V2, providing a familiar interface for the EVM user base. It comes with an ERC20 deployer and allows you to deploy and mint tokens on the Citrea Public Devnet!

Citrus Swap: First DEX on Citrea Devnet

The main squeeze: AMMs with Bitcoin security are here!

Alpha for Next Month

Devnet Launch was the highlight of June. Looking at July, expect to have many highlights.
Here is a sneak peek: