The Citrea Recap – May

The Citrea Recap – May

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May was such a productive month for the Citrea team. From conferences to hacker houses, we were busy building Bitcoin's first ZK rollup 🍊🍋

In this edition, we'll cover:

  • Bitcoin Conference Asia
  • Internal Hacker House: Advancing Citrea's Development
  • Pizza Day Prague
  • A new partnership: Citrea 🤝Encode Club
  • Alpha for Next Month

Bitcoin Conference Asia

We had a fantastic week at Bitcoin Conference Asia Hong Kong. From speaking at panels to sponsoring and co-hosting side events, we made our mark on the city, painting it with Citrea’s orange!

Event Highlights:

May 8th: We participated in a panel at Bitcoin's Orbit alongside other leaders in the Bitcoin space.

May 9th: We were at the BiToday Seminar: Bitcoin and Future InfraCon.

May 10th: Citrea co-creator, Orkun Mahir Kılıç, spoke at Bitcoin Asia’s main event.

May 11th: We co-hosted a side event, 'Scaling Bitcoin Together', with Particle Network and ScaleBit, discussing zero-knowledge proofs and Bitcoin scalability landscape.

Bitcoin Asia was an unforgettable experience, full of opportunities, learning, and networking. The interest and engagement we received from attendees reinforce our commitment to building Bitcoin’s first ZK rollup.

Citrea Team at Bitcoin Asia

The main squeeze: Citreans are rising in Asia!

Internal Hacker House: Advancing Citrea's Development

While our business team made significant progress in Hong Kong during Bitcoin Asia, our development team achieved remarkable progress at our internal hacker house. Citrea developers were heads down, coding furiously to advance Citrea to its Public Devnet stage. 

Highlights from Our Second Internal Hacker House:

Sequencer Updates: The sequencer successfully inscribed the Merkle root of the batch to Bitcoin, protecting the order of users’ transactions until the batch proving is complete.  

Prover Updates: The prover successfully generated zero-knowledge proofs for the batches. We've connected it to Risc Zero’s Bonsai API to speed up proving time.

Bridge Updates: We've integrated WIP Clementine into Citrea and finished testing withdrawals and deposits to/from Citrea.

Citrea Internal Hacker House Moments

The main squeeze: Public Devnet is coming anon!

Pizza Day Prague

We were in Prague for the Bitcoin Pizza Day anniversary! Citrea co- creator Orkun gave a speech about ZK rollups on Bitcoin. Also, Citrea devrel Talip hosted a workshop on deploying on Citrea.  

It was great to meet with Bitcoiners and have in-depth discussions about Bitcoin's scalability future.

Citrea at Pizza Day Prague

The main squeeze: Bitcoin is returning to its cypherpunk roots!

A new partnership: Citrea 🤝 Encode Club

We announced our partnership with Encode club to empower builders to establish Bitcoin as the foundation for on-chain finance. This collaboration includes our sponsorship of Encode Club’s bootcamp series, featuring workshops on ZK, Solidity, AI, and more.
Our devrel Talip will give workshops on how to deploy on Citrea at Encode Club's bootcamp series. We look forward to working with developers who are interested in building with Citrea.

Encode Partnership Announcement

The main squeeze: Builders are coming to Citrea. Secure on-chain finance with Bitcoin!

Alpha for Next Month

June will be super exciting for Citrea. Here is what you can expect to see from the Citrea team:

  • Public DevNet goes live for developers and users. 
  • Apps and infrastructure are coming to Citrea Public Devnet.
  • Citrea will be at ETHCC on 8-11 July.

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