The Citrea Recap

The Citrea Recap

Welcome to The Citrea Recap, the only newsletter covering everything Citrea. 

If this is your first time, welcome! Citrea is the first rollup that enhances the capabilities of Bitcoin blockspace with zero-knowledge technology. Citrea’s mission is to build a programmable liquidity layer on top of the most secure and decentralized blockchain, Bitcoin.

Here’s what we’ll be covering today: 

  • Citrea by the Numbers 📊
  • Funding Announcement 🤑
  • EthDenver Recap🏔️
  • Alpha for Next Month 👀

Citrea by the Numbers

What a month it's been! A lot has happened since we publicly introduced Citrea. We have received a tremendous amount of support from various ecosystems. It's been a whirlwind of excitement, and we're thrilled to share some of the juicy highlights from this month. 

  • Discord: The Discord community has grown to 4,700 members. We recently rolled out the introduction of the OG role, a special acknowledgment for our earliest supporters. To qualify as an OG, members needed to join within the first week of the server's launch, actively participate by being among the top 85% of message senders, or contribute valuable user-generated content. There will be more roles distributed to those who are most active and helpful in our Discord Community. 👀
  • First Office Hours on Discord: We held our first office hours on Discord to meet our community and answer their questions in person. There will be more office hours in the future to ensure our community's questions are addressed.
  • Twitter: Since our account’s launch this month, we’ve gained 10,000 followers. Make sure to follow us to stay up to date on everything Citrea. 
  • Subscribers: We’re thrilled to have already hit over 1,000 blog subscribers. If you’re reading this, chances are you were one of those early joiners who recognized the potential from the beginning. Congratulations on getting involved in ground-floor alpha! 

The main squeeze: Citrea has arrived, and early adopters are flooding in. 

Funding Announcement 

We announced our $2.7M seed fundraising round, with Galaxy Ventures leading the charge. This round also saw participation from other esteemed investors such as Delphi Ventures, Eric Wall, co-founder of the Taproot Wizards, and Anurag Arjun, co-founder of Avail. We are grateful to be supported by such incredible teams and individuals. This funding round is pivotal, allowing us to push forward with our mission to build everything on Bitcoin.

As we embark on this exciting phase of growth, we are on the lookout for talented individuals who are passionate about shaping the future of Bitcoin and blockchain technology. If you're interested in joining our dynamic team and contributing to Bitcoin's First ZK Rollup, we encourage you to visit our job board

Citrea: Seed Round 2023

The main squeeze: Citrea secures $2.7M in seed funding to push Bitcoin scalability further.

EthDenver Recap

We had a blast at EthDenver, connecting with fellow builders, friends, and Citrea supporters. This year, Bitcoin L2s dominated the conversation, making EthDenver feel more like BTC Denver!

We sponsored The Bitcoin Renaissance side event!  We came prepared with t-shirts, socks, stickers, and even brought Turkish Delight all the way from Istanbul. The response from the Bitcoin community and event attendees was unbelievable - we were blown away by the attention and praise we received. We also attended the must-see panel on Bitcoin L2s. Discussions covered vital topics like Bitcoin scalability, Bitcoin security budget, rollups, trust assumptions, and BitVM.

The Denver visit reaffirmed that we're on the right path. We're incredibly grateful for the community's support, and seeing the excitement firsthand has fueled our momentum to accelerate our testnet rollout. Stay tuned for more updates as we push forward!

Citrea Booth at The Bitcoin Renaissance Side Event

The main squeeze:  Citrea is at the center of attention and people want to know: wen testnet? Soontm.

Some Alpha for Next Month

February has been a hectic month for us but it will be nothing compared to what is coming in March. Here is a sneak peek at what to expect in March:

  • Announcing our roadmap
  • Open-sourcing our codebase
  • Getting ready for halving
  • Attending some cool podcasts

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