The Citrea Recap – April

The Citrea Recap – April

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Citrea is the first rollup that enhances the capabilities of Bitcoin's blockspace with using zero-knowledge technology. Citrea requires no consensus changes to Bitcoin and will use BTC as its native token. Our vision is to build scalable infrastructure that advances Bitcoin into its next phase, the foundation for the world’s finance.

In this edition, we'll cover:

  • 3 Developmental Milestones before Citrea Testnet 🤓
  • Last Developmental Milestone will be public - Devnet is coming 🤯
  • Modular Meetup at Token 2049 Dubai 🇦🇪
  • Citrea Halving Campaign Winners 🥳
  • Alpha for Next Month 🤫

3 Developmental Milestones Before Citrea Testnet

Open-source development with the community is one of our core values. We have decided to share the three remaining progress before Citrea testnet. These three milestones include Sequencer Commitments to Bitcoin, Producing Batch Proof, and Final Tests on the Bitcoin Testnet. We are committed to share the progress for each milestone with our community.

  1. Sequencer Commitments to Bitcoin: This is crucial to prevent any changes in the ordering of transactions until batches are proven. The proof of concept for this milestone will be shared soon.
  2. Producing Batch Proof: This involves generating zero-knowledge proofs for a batch of transactions. The circuit also scans Bitcoin blocks for inclusion of the forced transactions, and generates proofs based on the sequencer commitments on Bitcoin.
  3. Final Tests on Bitcoin Testnet: This is the last step where we test all the components of Citrea Testnet Phase 1 on the Bitcoin Testnet. This process ensures that the sequencer and the prover work correctly and that all nodes sync accordingly.
From Development to Deployment: 3 Milestones Before Citrea Testnet

The main squeeze: Citrea Testnet is around the corner. 

Last Developmental Milestone will be public - Devnet is coming

We have decided to make the last milestone ‘Final Tests on the Bitcoin Testnet’ public. We initially planned to run these tests internally but it will be better to open the network for developers and users to test Citrea’s performance more accurately. This decision will allow our community to experience and test Citrea sooner than the testnet. 

We can’t wait to see our community’s participation in Citrea Public Devnet to help us reach a more mature and stable network for the testnet.

Update on our Road to Testnet

The main squeeze: You are early! Citrea Public Devnet is coming.

Modular Meetup at Token 2049 Dubai

Modularity and Bitcoin are unstoppable. Despite the adverse weather conditions, we had an incredible event in Dubai. We co-hosted the Bitcoin Goes Modular Dubai event together with modularity OGs Celestia, Cartesi, and Hyperlane. We have discussed Bitcoin’s modular future and its implications. 

Modular Dubai: Bitcoin Goes Modular

The main squeeze: Citrea is a modular touch to Bitcoin.

Citrea Halving Campaign Winners

We recently concluded our Halving Campaign, and we extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who participated. We received hundreds of submissions and narrowed it down to 15! Congratulations to the winners whose outstanding contributions have helped spread the Citrean vibe far and wide.

The Halving Campaign winners received our important Citrus Champion role. We are also getting ready to send them Citrea merch! They will also receive a Citrea NFT to make their participation memorable.

Citrea Halving Campaign Winners

The main squeeze: We LOVE our community and recognize their valuable contribution to Citrea.

Alpha for Next Month

April has been a great and productive month. Looking ahead, we have exciting plans in store for May. Here is a sneak peek at what to expect:

  • Participation in Bitcoin Asia in Hong Kong
  • Hosting the side event 'Scaling Bitcoin Together' with Particle Network and ScaleBit during Bitcoin Asia. 
  • Providing proof concepts for testnet milestones
  • The release of Citrea Public Devnet

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